10 Happy headlines to give you hope!

While coronavirus is spreading around the globe, there are also pockets of good news that are being overshadowed by the doom and gloom. So here, to put some perspective on the pandemic, are

10 Happy headlines to give you hope!


1.Fish and Swans Return to Venice’s Canals as Italy’s Lockdown Leaves the Water Uncannily Pristine



2.More than 500,000 people sign up to be NHS volunteers



3.Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution



4.Elton John And Co. Host Live Concert



5.Formula One Makes Breathing Aids For NHS



6.Germany Helps Out Italy And France



7.Dip in number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy fuels hope that outbreak may have peaked



8.Plasma from newly recovered patients from Covid -19 can treat others infected by Covid-19

Reference: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-care/doctors-push-treatment-coronavirus-blood-recovered-patients-n1158476


9.Apple reopens all 42 China stores



10.A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for six days in Wuhan, China.



Only through helping each other through this uncertain time will we emerge as a stronger nation on the other side. We at ESSENTIAL know that there is strength in numbers, so lets work together and not be a statistic

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Our History, Executive Summary & Company Values

Growth through Partnering

As Essential Hardware, we are proud to be the Gold Award winners of the “Voluntary Trading Group of the year” for THREE consecutive years (most recent – November 2018). This family of Members are all independent stores that have one main common trait…they are all entrepreneurs. The Essential Group assists these stores in a variety of ways which required a wide ranging set of
retail solutions to be available and customisable for each unique need. The offering – A national retail brand of independent retailers leveraging buying power and retail business services to reach retail maturity and achieve the required growth.

The Essential Group, established 2005, started out by partnering with independent, community based, owner-run hardware stores as a national buying group. This quickly evolved (by member demand) into a national brand – Essential Hardware. Immediately thereafter, a series of customised value-adding services were brought into the offering adding to the buying group and brand to include high quality operational science & marketing support.

Our model has proved so successful our partnerships comprise a family of over 650 members throughout South and Southern Africa, whose membership is still continuously growing. Our model, which we guarantee subject to specific conditions, has further enabled us to be the proud recipients of the accolade of being the Gold Award winners for “Voluntary Trading Group of the year” for the past two consecutive years.
In 2017 we introduced a new Specialty Retail Brand, Paint Tend ’n Trade. Leveraging our substantial retail resource pool, supplier network and national geographic footprint, this new brand is focused on being a premium, specialist paint destination, once again providing unique solutions for our members and customers.
We view the (well established) Buying Group as a business ENABLER and now, in 2018, have formally announced a new ENABLER, Essential Growth Solutions. This new enabler is focused on B2B transformational partnerships and will leverage the, well established, Buying Group & national retail footprint of over 650 members/partners and hundreds of suppliers/partners.

We believe that by following our vision, remaining humble, keeping to our values and setting the standard through hard work, we will in the future
 announce far-reaching, complementary products and services all focused on achieving a full service (360 deg) turnkey offering and providing cross industry problem solving solutions… becoming THE PARTNER OF CHOICE for exponential growth within the markets and communities we operate within.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Gratitude, respect, honesty & credibility
  • Operating within strict legal and ethical guidelines
  • Offering unsurpassed service levels and support to the member network
  • Always acting in the best interest of the organisation and member
  • Instilling a culture of service and continuous learning
  • Ensuring that the organisation always operates within legal and labour policies
  • Constantly adding value to our members
  • Using innovation and communication as a key driver